Guest Posts

One of my first guest posts was on the blog which I follow quite religiously, MBA Crystal Ball. Thanks, Sameer! MBA Crystal Ball (, an MBA admissions consulting team, provides business school application help to Indian candidates aiming for the top MBA programs.

The following piece from their website wonderfully depicts why I am proud to contribute to MCB in any way:

What we stand for
This is our prime guiding light. If we feel that MBA is not the right choice for you, we’d be the first ones to tell you so – though this means loss of revenue for us. This philosophy permeates in all our offerings. We believe in complete ethical honesty throughout the process – a trait we firmly believe is essential for long term success for any individual.
Our endeavor is to add a touch of flair and verve in all our services and interactions. You will find this in our innovative offerings and our deliverables.
We value our client’s time as much as we do ours. We are on time, every time in delivering to our commitments. We would never trade quality for time, and this helps us ensure that we deliver best in class service.

Here are the permalinks to the posts that I have written over there:

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