About Me

I am Rohit, an engineer by education, a data analyst by profession and a reader by inclination. Since 2012, I’ve been writing about self-improvement, productivity, coping with life as it comes and just being plain happy.

I am very keen to learn photography, and really impressed by its ability to serve as a form of expression. Just love how so many elements can coalesce to add beauty to an image.

Travelling far and wide is something which I yearn to do.

“And all you touch and all you see. Is all your life will ever be.” ~ Pink Floyd

The posts here can be a welcome respite from the grueling schedules and touch issues that are relevant to an urbanite hoping to make a dent in this big-bad world! Quirky, innocent, yet effective.

Do chime in with suggestions for improvements or any ideas; they are always welcome.

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