Once upon a time…

It has been a long time since I have posted here. Feels like an eternity, to be frank. Thankfully, I witnessed some of you nice people signed up. It is a hopeful-cum-ballsy move to ask for receiving updates when someone hasn’t posted for over an year.

When I take a look at the posts I have written on this blog in the past, it is a happy-sad feeling. While I admire the past self for putting up a solid ‘blog post show’, it now feels like the engine was sputtering from the start itself. The writing was hard work, and being the over-simplifying useless techie I am— I tried to compartmentalize the whole thing by trying my best to be “good at blogging”. It is very tempting to listen to the infinite voices out there, but then lowest common denominators result, and your voice is not your voice no long- it is a cacophony. Sometimes, ugly.

As someone who believes in experimenting a lot, the concept of ‘self’ has always been on the run. Lack of rational selfishness pissed of Ayn Rand; having no opinions of your own was tantamount to living a “second-hand life”. I guess the diametrically opposite point-of-view is just as abrasive and senseless (is there an irony?), having too strong a view of oneself.

In a barrage of information, one stands the risk of being outdated too quickly. Why, having strong opinions leads you to a host of biases, and makes it much more likely that you’ll simply tune-out any dissenting voices that manage to strike your brain (or in some cases, ears).

The answer might be somewhere in moderation, the golden middle.

I am getting increasingly attracted towards this path of moderation.

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