‘Value’ Simplified for Noobs

This is the theme for relationships in a uber competitive world. The days of manipulative practices and thriving on closely guarded secrets are long over. If you’re not adding value and think of leeching your way up to the top, you’re in for a rude shock. In a free information based marketplace, the only measure which makes you stand out is the value you offer to the existing ecosystem. Synergy is the buzzword.

Life is not a zero sum game, and by giving freely to people you come in contact with, you are actually helping your way to success. People love to acknowledge any favor, and more than willing to help in return in most of the cases.

So here are the typical ways in which you can give value to people, organizations or any group you associate with.

  1. Contribute ideas: The world is not short of ideas, but when a credible source provides you one that is useful and readily implementable, it’s the best gift you can get. Instead of practically begging an employer to hire you, provide with a list of ideas for his business and how they will be beneficial. Attitudes change when you give. You’ve just differentiated yourself from a stack of resumes lying in a closet.
  2. Give credit freely: I would say the fastest way to progress in an organizational hierarchy is to give credit when it’s due. The person gets motivated to do well again, you’re seen as a team player and the general productivity increase. If you think that a single person is hogging up all the credit, don’t fret. The people around have an uncanny ability to spot a narcissist streak.
  3. Connect: Introduce people to other people in your network. The value of every node in the network increases exponentially as the network grows. Eventually you’ll be the go-to-guy when somebody needs to solve a particular problem. It’s presumed you’ll help or redirect them to someone who can.
  4. Respect: It is the thing which differentiates a person from a bot. If all variables stay equal, the person who respects his clients/friends gets to the top and gets respect in return. We are not living in a monopoly. You are competing in a global marketplace as a person and small gestures can go a long way in getting you through.
  5. Spare time: It is a gift not very affordable, but make sure you have time for people who really matter in your lives. Be it friends, family or extended network, you touch their lives by spending time with them. It makes the process much more humane, exciting and wonderful.

It is an investment which will reap rewards your whole life with exorbitant returns. Put simply, it pays to not be a selfish bastard.

So what are the ways in which you provide value?

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