Crazy Is Good, Indeed.

Your brain is your enemy. It tells you things that you’re not supposed to do or tell. Most of the people will sneer, if you really tell them what goes on in your dirty mind. They’ll be convinced that you belong to a mental institution. That’s all right. When people oppose or deride you, it is good!* (If you harbor plans of blowing up the parliament, it really is bad. Hence, * Terms & Conditions apply). Deviating from the norms of majority means you’re up for something. They’re gonna sneer if you’re a bum, and they will ridicule you if your dreams are too big or different from their own.

Some people never go crazy, What truly horrible lives they must live

Charles Bukowski

Wear a tinge of stupidity as a badge of honor. There are already too many self-righteous intelligent people out there defending the status quo; and believe me when I say that you are a sore in their eyes if you try to break away from the mould.

how to be a little crazy, how to think out of the box

I mean, seriously?

Continuing with the idea of being crazy, I list some traits here that generally have a negative connotation, but they are seasonings added to the meal-of-life. Excess is bad (like anything else), but these crazy traits surely make their absence felt.

  1. Obsessed. They call it passion, once this idea starts floating in intellectual circles. If your day revolves around your thing; if you are practically thinking about it for twenty hours in a day, you’re probably obsessed about it. The beautiful thing about obsession is; it’s natural. It automatically differentiates the truly interested ones from the bogus and the banal.
  2. Stubborn. If you’re stubborn, you won’t let go your dream too easily. You will persevere. You will fight. You will be the last soldier standing in the cold, fighting at the forlorn frontier. You’ll have a story to tell and a life to share.
  3. Not moving on. You’ll fail umpteen times (if you are among the few hardy ones who get up and try). Life is a vast sea of failures in which you swim shedding invisible tears while you  catch an occasional tuna of success. Every person has his moments of insecurities, moments of self-doubt. Faith is indispensable, and is not mutually exclusive with rationality. Trust in God but lock your car.
  4. Opinionated. You form  opinions of someone/something only when you have enough knowledge of that someone/something; when you have studied its past, know its present: and now you have the capability of predicting future possibilities. And you are automatically an expert in something if you can predict, and you know the ‘why’ behind it.
  5. Reliant. With all the hoopla around being self-sufficient, it is humbling to know that you cannot possibly think of making it    alone. The computer/cellphone that you use at this moment for reading was probably designed by a team in California, its microchips coming from South Korea, the machine in whole being assembled in China. You pay for your gadget, but you are dependent on people you don’t even know nonetheless. It is enlightening then, to ponder over how “independent” you really are.
  6. “Jack of all trades, master of none. Super-specialization pays you big bucks no doubt, but it also gets you detached from reality. Life can hardly be called a battlefield with specific agendas. It is OK to learn about many things under the sun; it differentiates you from the machines. And then you can always make a conscious decision about the field in which you want to put in your 10,000 hours.

Craziness is subjective. But almost every beautiful thing in life is. Share your own ‘crazy moments’, comment below!

Posted By: Rohit Gupta

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