Am I lost? Lost amidst the interwoven fabric of anxieties and expectations, guilt and pride, past and the future. Marred with the hopes of society, burdened with the future well-being, afraid to lose things that haven’t been achieved. Living with the scars of the past, the distant rejections and the unholy follies.

It is like a bug in my head, crawling over my thoughts and making me uncomfortable. The mental neurons flashing in an endless attempt to redeem the soul of an artificial existence. Like a race against the clock, running from pillar-to-post, only to discover a dead-end. A fluttering beauty, transient wealth and the abyss of knowledge. Of feelings not expressed, unspoken love and the unexplainable loneliness. The empty roads, a fast life, unconscious destinations and a wasted journey. Occasional glimpses of the infinite sky, scent of rain, color of the flowers, wetness of a beach and freshness of the mountains. The severed connections, broken relationships, long-lasting friendships, motherly love and security of a home. The melodies so sweet and the mind so fickle.

I think through all while the moments wither away. A cup filled to the brim, the inevitable spill is the only choice of redemption. The hope of being an empty container once again.
It needs to get empty for letting the magic in. The magic of the infant soul; the laughter so uncorrupted, the unbridled joy and the thoughts so pure. The cup needs to empty to welcome the elixir of life, in which I yearn to soak.

Posted by: Rohit Gupta

6 thoughts on “Babble

  1. nice. i can completely understand this. i go through these thoughts too, when i’m really worried about something. i always keep asking myself ‘where m i headed? what do i really want’ well, things like that.. i guess people of our generation go through these questions and i’m one of them. anyway, very well expressed. i liked reading it. 🙂

    • The existential despair becomes apparent whenever we have some spare time, that we are unable to pack somewhere else.
      I’m glad you liked it.

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