Whispers From The Night Sky…

Gazing at the night sky, I am awe-struck by the sheer enormity and the multitude of stars it beholds in a vast expanse of broken friendliness. Silence is the murmur and the medium of the moment. It first mesmerizes you with its beauty while ensnaring you into its serenity; and as you gradually surrender to its mystique, it starts whispering a mysterious spell into your ears.

The meaning of existence, thoughts and life.

A silent commotion.

“There is a reason for this. The fact that you can size up my vastness is because your vastness extends beyond. Beyond your imagination, in fact, even much beyond me.

You foster and harness within yourself as much power as the quantum of secrets and mysteries I hold. You evolve each day, each moment just like I evolve with each passing day, with my set of constellations. Just like I encompass the mountains, the plains, the plateaus, the deserts, the grasslands, the forests and the cities of this earth, YOU are spread all over the happiness, the sorrows, the anxieties, the pains, the regrets, the resilience and the depths of your  being.

You and I are similar in all respects: for we are both tied by a common thread, that of this common Universe. As much as you owe your existence to me, I owe it to you. And so, when in doubt, let me guide you…

Let your soul walk past the scenes of disappointment and defeats.

Let it snub the crevices of the broken heart as it walks along.

Let it gladly absorb the cacophonies of the past. For they are all a part of this coveted journey.

The journey that the soul needs to complete while catching the sail in the winds of the present, while jiving to the tunes of its desires, while resonating with the promises of the future.

Traverse your path with the zeal of a nomad and the resolve of a voyager. See the bouquets as well as the brickbats accompanying your deeds with the same eye. Draw your vigor from the warmth of my Sun, give back a part of it to the whiteness of my Moon.

And far off, believe you me, lies the destination, waiting to illuminate a horizon. A horizon, which resembles mine, yet much bigger and more prominent than mine.

It is waiting to be read, to be enlightened and to be conquered. That horizon is yours. You decide your own rituals.”

— Dedicated to Paulo Coelho, a man whose array of words and wisdom acts as a guiding light for many.

Posted by: Utkarsh Bhardwaj

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