It’s Raining In The City!

It’s funny to think of the many ways in which the external setting can influence your emotional and psychological being. It’s kind of raining, and the air around me suddenly seemed to be more pristine,pure, carrying along with it a mossy fluff, the plants in the pots gone shy and the flowers reaching the stalks as if welcoming the change, a breath so fresh. An indiscernible yearning for that musky flush, the smell of the mud, as if just to remind that you belong to a world which still sleeps in the lap of nature.

My daily plans got delayed due to the incessant shower outside, and the pothole roads and the sweet tiny swimming pools sans cute frogs doesn’t help much (you might have read about soil erosion, the asphalt coal-tar road erosion is the modern Indian avatar!).  The minor seepage in my room became apparent, irritating me all the while. I continued with my cold streak and my running nose once again signaled the drop in mercury. The drying of clothes became an arduous task, the extra blotches notwithstanding. The engine of the rickety car belonging to a finicky neighbor won’t just rev in a lone ignition. The band performance in an open amphitheater stands cancelled; there were not many fans waiting anyways. The two-wheeler population went more sane altogether, and the tachometer needle needed some rest of course.

rain drops

Some moments will do well if frozen in time.

Due to the cold weather outside and the chilly winds, I got a blatant chance to snug up in a cozy blanket and relish a movie. I went on to the terrace afterwards and witnessed swathes of washed buildings, intermittent greenery alongside, like azaleas blooming in-spite of the surrounding concrete jungle. The buildings might have transformed into a whole new character. A happy wind blew in, soothing my cold nose, carrying with it a peculiar and a fusty fragrance. I then noticed that a construction was on nearby. I sighed,confused, but it was beautiful nonetheless, I suppose.

Posted by: Rohit Gupta

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