Can You Be A Superhero?

The definition of a ‘superhero’ may vary for different people, but you would know the kind of people I’m talking about as I write this. Nevertheless for the sake of clarity, they are the real superheroes who exist among real crowds, sans any publicity. They are not always the ones who promise a hard time to criminals and psychopaths hell-bent on screwing our world. They are ordinary people with ordinary lives, just like you and me. Being good is no menial task. The feelings of pain, fear, anger and jealousy will reign once in a while and you’ll cease being a superhero. But you just need to observe, and then systematically fuck them. We will take Batman as a point of reference because he does not have any supernatural powers per se, and because Nolan is awesome.

There are some simple things to keep in mind to be a little more positive, a little more smart and a little more human.

1) Life is not a zero-sum game. Our progress is a result of collective human intelligence maturing over millenias. Without exchanges with other fellow beings, we all would still be living in caves growing our own food and ‘minding our own business’. Helping others is the fastest way to gain instant credibility in an open economy, to set up a personal brand among peers and showing that we are in there for the long run. You are actually doing yourself a favor by not being a selfish bastard.

2) It is OK to not get it right the first time. Batman’s paraphernalia were the result of innumerable trial-and-errors. Do not lose hope after initial setbacks, if you aspire to don your own batman suit. In this world of instant successes and endless glamor, the long hours of hardwork put in are usually ignored. Setting a goal and doing a task puts you ahead of the 90% people out there, and to see it to completion puts you ahead of 90% of the starters. Do the math and you’ll know why there are so many unhappy people blaming their stars.

how can I become batman

It’s so much you have in common with Batman, a working brain.

3) Never underestimate the power of a human mind. Batman is endowed with no superhuman capabilities unlike his ostentatious and gifted cousins. His dauntless conviction, indomitable spirit, love for the people and a hint of anguish makes him a perfect crusader, and these qualities can be mastered by any human to an astonishing degree.

4) Success=hard work. 

Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard

5) Humility: The more you learn, the more you realize how little you know. Great individuals keep their heads high and feet firmly on the ground.

6) Insatiable desire to learn. Because knowledge and wisdom is something which nobody can take away from you. The only things worth earning in life, are the things which can’t be stolen (plus, they are not things in most of the cases).

7) Code matters: Your values and principles define you, and in the end, you can bring down the world if your conscience is clear.

I love making batman-and-joker analogies, because they are excellent examples of the extremities of human mind and spirit. While Batman represents the bright portion of our human race and is the hope of societies and collective existence, the Joker represents the dark part, a quintessential psychopath who believes that the human mind is inherently selfish and will destroy and plunder if given a true chance. Both of them co-exist within us. And I don’t believe you can disregard the reasoning of Joker. Can you?

The decision to choose a particular quality lies in our hands, because we are not black or white. We are a chaotic scattered spectrum of endless grey.

Posted by: Rohit Gupta

10 thoughts on “Can You Be A Superhero?

  1. What I loved the most about this article was it’s simplicity 🙂 The methods are common and the suggestions ignored… This certainly rejuvenates the whole context of how a person should manage himself being a good human being… Well done buddy!! Hope to see more coming out from your pen… 🙂 All the best 🙂

  2. I totally agree of never underestimating the powers of the Mind. It’s one the most powerful tools we as humans possess. You writing style is quite enticing 🙂 Thanks for dropping by at my blog. Take care !

    “Coveted Dreams”

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